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This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. It is an iTunes plugin that scans your iTunes library and looks for upcoming concerts by those artists, in the city you live in. And, as a bonus, it take the place of the visualizer, which I don’t use anyway.

Ba Boosh!


RPM Challenge

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Excuse to work.

New Car. Brum Brum.

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That’s not it, but it looks close enough.
While the drive’s dead, I’ll be enjoying my return to car ownership. It’s a 1989 Jetta GLI Wolfsburg Edition with special seats. Fancy stuff in its day, and cheap stuff in this day. As an added bonus, I get to continue my streak of only owning cars without working A/C.

Dead Drive #4(?)

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Something like that. At least four drives, one rascally laptop. So no posts from me for a while. Buhuu. Hopefully something other than the drive gets replaced this time and this stops happening. I’m holding Mayor Cyanide in high suspicion.


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I am now an Apple Certified Portable Technician. Hooray!