New Car. Brum Brum.

That’s not it, but it looks close enough.
While the drive’s dead, I’ll be enjoying my return to car ownership. It’s a 1989 Jetta GLI Wolfsburg Edition with special seats. Fancy stuff in its day, and cheap stuff in this day. As an added bonus, I get to continue my streak of only owning cars without working A/C.

2 Responses to “New Car. Brum Brum.”

  1. jeremy Says:

    snow in Florida and flowers blossoming in New York…?!?!

    no..this wasn’t taken in Florida…was it? or are things that out of whack..!

    did you hear that last weekend it was 72 degrees in New York and the Cherry Blossoms came out in Brooklyn…We are fckd~!!! though today it seems back to normal….must be all the sardines i am eatin’….no just some for lunch today..

    how are you???

    ( )

  2. James Says:

    ono, no sno here, just too lazy to take my own picture. that’s disturbing about the cherry blossoms – i wonder if it’ll happen again in spring or if they’re just scrwed…. keep the sardines to a minimum, the planet will thank you

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