Govad Cosmonix


You ruled it wisely and well for many years, said she, and made the people proud of your magical art

So, as you are now too old to wander abroad and work in a circus, I offer you a home here as long as you live

You shall be the Official Wizard of my kingdom, and be treated with every respect and consideration.

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4 Responses to “Govad Cosmonix”

  1. Phil Says:

    don’t believe the hype!… i’m gonna do it… and you can too… who needs official titles anyway?… you need one so bad, i’ll give you one… grand vagabond of the mopey human shampoo… wizard shmizard…

    good track too…

  2. duke slater Says:

    hey hey…easy there fella…no fighting…hhh!!!!
    get on the ice and lets shoot the puck around. .what do ya say?
    you can check me into the boards and maybe, just maybe we
    can have a hockey fight which basically involves alot of thrashing
    around and eventually the jerseys come off. whaddya say fella?
    hhhha?! no..not

  3. James Says:

    hey, if you want my jersey to come off, all you gotta do is ask, no fists need fly

  4. duke slater Says:

    hey…! ah…ok…i never knew…haha…lets go….!!

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