spam #5?

Date: December 15, 2006 9:23:25 AM EST

Buut it’s noot enoguh. I remvoe my haand froom my braest and tuug at my panteis. I neeed theem off. NooW. I puush anoohter figner inisde me, imagniing yoour thaat coock is trhusting into me. I moove my ohter haand to my cliit, rubibng a hrader. I seee yoour boody in my miind, mvoing abvoe me, trhusting into me. I neeed you. I waant you. Good. I mooan aagin. I puush a tihrd figner inisde me, frantiaclly, dseperately. My figners woork fatser on my cliit. I proop my leeg up, spredaing my leegs furtehr. Opneing msyelf up to you furtehr. I’m so colse. I caan feeel my cuunt strating to pusle aronud my figners. My cliit is thorbbing. I neeed to cuum. Imaginnig you, rgiht three, tuoching me, fucknig me. Oh good. I caan feeel it. I caan feeel yoour coock. I caan feeel yoour haardnses. I caan feeel the heeat searnig trhough me. Oh good. thaat’s it. My hiips puush up into the aaair, my haand buired, deeep in my cuunt, my figners on my cliit. I goran. My cuunt spamss aronud my figners, pusling,

clenchnig. Oh. Oh. Waevs of pleausre ruush oover me. I caan feeel it in evrey nevre, evrey mucsle, evrey essecne of my bieng. I leet ooout a ruush of aaair, gsaping for berath, cuumming so haard. Goraning louldy, I feeel the reelase. Relaxnig msyelf baack down on the beed, I contiune to storke my cliit sotfly, genlty, ridnig ooout the reest, enjyoing the feeelings. I slolwy remvoe my figners froom my cuunt and birng theem up to my mooouth. I liick off my sewetness, knoiwng hoow muuch you loove the tsate of me. Siigh. Suuch wnoderful feeelings. I caan’t waait to shrae theem with you.

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