Ron Mueck and Walton Ford at the Brooklyn Museum

These two shows are at the Brooklyn Museum right now.


Mueck, a former special-effects artist for Jim Henson, makes hyper-realistic sculptures of people, with drastic changes to scale. There is quite a bit of work viewable online, and also a 30-minute video made available by the museum.


Walton Ford’s show was called “Tigers of Wrath: Watercolors by Walton Ford,” and I wasn’t planning on even looking at them, assuming they were older work and were simple watercolor paintings of animals. They turned out to be equally impressive. Focusing mainly on colonialism and the interaction between humans and other animals, the paintings were a combination of fables, history, Audobon paintings and social commentary. A fair amount of his work is also available online, and there is an interesting interview available from the Brooklyn Museum’s site.

Ford’s work is showing until January 28, and Mueck’s will be up until February 4.

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