We have a podcast. Any movies or mp3’s that are linked in posts should be showing up normally. The file will be named by the name of the post, and the text of the post will appear in comments. In order to keep it pretty, we’ll have to use HTML equivalents of some characters, like ampersands, quotes, apostrophes, etc. This page has a list of common HTML character codes.

The link for podcasts is http://brotherhoodoftheoctopus.com/feed/.

I’ve also added a link in the right column to subscribe directly with iTunes.

When posting movies and audio, only include one file per post if you want them to show up properly in the podcast. Otherwise only the first file will be included, while the description will still list all of them.

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  1. venicedul Says:

    Emm.. Are you tuned in to my paperwork crew I have a nice joke. What do you call a crazy baker? A dough nut.

  2. DVDtelikman Says:

    ????????-??????? ?????? ?? DVD ????????-??????? DVD ?????? Blu-ray ??????


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