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Reccomendations or discussion about the look and layout of the site are very welcome as well – I’m thinking about changing the colors around a bit, maybe at least taming down the orange a little.

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  1. chris Says:

    Hmm… the one thing I think it’s missing is one of those nifty animated mortgage advertisements… you know, like the one with a big wolf panting, and there are the abbreviations for all the states on his body? creepy.
    but really, it’s looking good so far. change it as you see fit. I like the black background tho, it’s easy on my eyes. would you be able to add user categories, so that you can look at everything a certain user has posted on one page? might be useful down the road when it fills up more.

  2. James Says:

    good thinking! you never know when you’ll need a new mortgage!
    i was thinking about doing something like that with users’ pages – probably in the right sidebar, or maybe when you click a user’s name in a post, seeing all their posts. i’ll check into what’s involved in doing that.

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