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so, i thought it would be pretty nifty if we started to treat ID3 tags as malleable objects. rather than ID things with a scrutinizing and precise eye, one would play around with it’s description. i think it would be nice to begin to develop a dialogue with tracks by adding our own artwork…our own “lyrics”. add links to websites and descriptions that have a relation to the audio track. an ID3 wikipedia of sorts. i’m adding my contribution here, for a reference*:

sample mp3 with ID3 tags

*rather than just listen to this track, download it and play it while checking out it’s tags.

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  1. James Says:

    I’m into the idea, though I’d also think i t is a good idea to put the content of the tags (images and text) in the original post as well, in order to make that extra info findable, unless it’s something that was intentionally hidden from google (like this site seems to be in general – I’m not sure how long it takes for google to crawl a page once it’s new, but this one just ain’t showin, even after submitting it). Back on topic, I like the idea of these mp3’s migrating off and taking more a life of their own, and if rehosted somewhere, it could be interesting how the tags start evolving. Ideally I’ll find a way to strip info from id3 tags and automatically insert it into posts, but I haven’t yet found a way..

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