Brotherhood of the Octopus Night?

Would anyone be interested in doing a night somewhere? I have been thinking about trying to get a night were I can get a bunch of people together and show off what we are working on in a live setting. It would be more about playing for each other instead of caring about the audience (which I can guarantee will be minimal). I just think it will be fun to see what we are all working on. It’ll take a little more time for the contributors on the site to increase to a point where we can actually fill ot a night, but, I thought I would get the idea out there and see if there is any interest.

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  1. James Says:

    I’m definitely excited by the idea – some random weeknight I’m sure we’d be able to get some space somewhere and show anything or everything we’ve been posting here – I imagine several short sets, keep it simple and easy on everyone, just fun.

  2. Katy Says:

    How feasible would it be to make it a web-interactive event as well? Obviously, time zones, etc, would make it a tad difficult to coordinate an ideal time…However, I think it would make sense to set a “majority rules” schedule on that one (whereas you NYC folks will most probably win out at this stage of the Brotherhood’s infancy)! Ah, but perhaps the simple and fun aspect may get evaded as we attempt to gain the technical mastery of a widespread broadcast of sorts. (Um…also open to adding this suggestion as an entirely different beast altogether!)

  3. James Says:

    I’m totally into web events too – either a special page with a limited-time posting, or, with more advanced hosting, actual streaming events.

  4. Tim Says:

    I think it might be nice to take all the sounds that are posted on the site and play them between the live sets/performances/experiments that are scheduled for the night.

    Also, I was thinking of this more as a workshop than a live set. I would like people to have the freedom to play a small piece during a set, then stop and ask for feedback. Or, try to create a good version of the panel discussion. Something informal after each set so anyone can feel comfortable asking questions. It would be nice to do something that has a lot of room for input, instead of feeling like everything has to be so complete.

  5. Phil Says:


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