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dream: late ’93

Posted in Short Stories, Writing on December 1st, 1993 by (contact)

I had a dream that i lived in some other house in Florida. I was talking with Katy and we had all of these cats, they all came from one other that we had I think. I was outside on a chordless (from Esther I think) walking around watching them all play there were about 20 from one cat amazing. There were all of these little puddles everywhere i wast watching water drop into them. Then i was walking around on these short walls in our yard. The cats were chasing dogs across the pool and walking across the water. It was cool so i told Katy about it and told her she had to come over and watch. Then one fell in but managed to get out. Another fell in and was stuck in the 3′ end. The pool was black on the bottom but I could hear a cat crying for help. I could hear it whinning. I tried to save it but i couldn’t. I held my breath and tried to go under but i just rose up too much oxygen. i let some out. This whole time i could hear the cat but barely see it, as it scratched at the pool wall. I tried again but this time i didn’t have enough oxygen. I cam up still hearing the cat though I still couldn’t see it. I went down solid but couldn’t find it. I woke up I suppose it drowned.
Way before all of that I had another dream, that I flew up to Jersey. I got some new music it was weird the whole ride and situation everyone was exceedingly brady bunch very sick. I got home and mom’s house was different. Bill was there with a Bug Eye’s type jacket and a little mohawk his friend was big w/a mohawk also. Roxanne was there i just said hello to her mom wasn’t cool. I showed bill all of my new music – not enough time for a reaction we planned to go out and fuck up ventnor people and all but that night i would stay home then on to the FL dream.