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dream: late ’93

Posted in Short Stories, Writing on November 1st, 1993 by (contact)

Katy and I along with 3 other people piled into a Burgundy cadillac or olds. Two in the front then the other guy katy going to sleep on my shoulder. We were driving through Ft Lauderdale. i saw the poser goth bitch walking along in the rain by herself. HA HA. So anyway we somehow wound up in my Spanish II class and Katy and I were making fun of people as the teacher taught. We started talking about goth people. Suddenly the teacher snapped and started yelling at us complaining, bitching and moaning. Then we started talking about how a goth on acid would wind up killing her. Then the teacher started talking about how one year she had 7 goths in one class and I started to imagine a goth on acid attacking her and awoke.