dream: 10/14/93

Last night I had a dream – I was going to see a movie with? I think it was Katy? Some dickhead was just standing there getting rowdy (we had to stand because there were no more seats) So this dick starts punching/swinging I blocked some but he hit me. I pushed him away. He got really pissed. Then we started to fight I blocked most of his punches. We started rolling around on top of the crowd. I put him in a head lock and started punching him in the head. Then the scene changed from a movie theater to a church. The dude started stabbing people w/a screwdriver and people started to pass that around killing people. I think I eventually got it and rand around killing people rolling on top of the crowd. I fell of the into the aisle and Mark snagged the screwdriver and said, “You can’t kill everyone that would be illegal.” So I stopped then I woke up. I went back to sleep and start calling people and talking about the ordeal. At one point I was talking to Katy about it and she turned into a hick. Eww

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