dream: 8/2/93

Last night I had a dream –

I was in my old house in Roxbury sitting at the head of the table. I was eating something and the chair and I were turned to the right. Cathy came in all bitchy she turned the chair to the proper position. I looked at her and turned it back she bitched and went upstairs. Zizi and Louise came in and I went through the same ordeal. Then I was sleeping with Godflesh playing (which I fell asleep to). It was a little loud and my ma came down to turn it down. I was sleeping and woke up I looked at her and she said, “Well what the fuck do you want me to do?” “Chill ma…”
“Shut the fuck up and go to sleep”
She went upstairs. I was pissed to say the least. I knew it was loud and would have been content if she only turned it down. Then I woke up.

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