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dream: 8/2/93

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Last night I had a dream –

I was in my old house in Roxbury sitting at the head of the table. I was eating something and the chair and I were turned to the right. Cathy came in all bitchy she turned the chair to the proper position. I looked at her and turned it back she bitched and went upstairs. Zizi and Louise came in and I went through the same ordeal. Then I was sleeping with Godflesh playing (which I fell asleep to). It was a little loud and my ma came down to turn it down. I was sleeping and woke up I looked at her and she said, “Well what the fuck do you want me to do?” “Chill ma…”
“Shut the fuck up and go to sleep”
She went upstairs. I was pissed to say the least. I knew it was loud and would have been content if she only turned it down. Then I woke up.

dream: 8/93

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I had a fucking epic of a dream last night – I think it started off with me in Roxbury (the Roxbury house was in Atlantic City with my ma etc. living in it) listening to the answering machine and Tina Shirmley called crying and said she was locked out of her house she didn’t say why. So Bill and I went to go see her at Shawn Carboy’s house. It was a fucking mansion and there were skaters everywhere some of them gave me shit but I do believe most were cool. Anyway we may have found him but we climbed up this huge steeple thing which scared me shitless. When we got to the top I looked out the window which wasin the shape of a cross looked down and saw crashing waves. We exited the steeple. I think after that my dad woke me up ranting and raving blah blah. But it continues – I was at this huge skyscraper type thing and I was in a ?wheel chair? My dad and Cathy were business executives with enemies that liked to beat the shit out of people. So they got their shit together and we split on a little airplane but we didn’t fly we drove it down the street. A message came in on this funky secret radio they were busy so I had to bring the message through. (the message would tell us where the bad guys were). My dad instructed me on how to do this I got nervous and fucked it up and the bad guys (big biker fucks w/chains etc.) they immediately grabbed my parents and beat the fuck out of them. I pulled myself out of the plane and put myself on one of the dead bodies so I would look the same. It worked and I somehow got to the regular house in Atlantic City. Tine was there. I said hello (she was in my sister’s room sitting on the porta desk which is in Roxbury). She was drinking cranberry juice and seltzer water but in two different glasses. She also looked like Stacey. Anyway she told me that the foundation of her house was fucked up so she had to leave I said I’d ask my ma if she could stay the summer. Tina said good. (By the time I got back to Atlantic City I would walk no more wheel chair). I said after the summer is over you better keep in touch. She said she couldn’t she didn’t want to, “besides your house has a good cement foundation.” I just walked away. Then it switched to some animal/nature show about this goat that sheds its wool by itself in the winter to stay warm the animal has no parents to teach it this and learns it all on its own without instincts either it just learns by trial and error. The nature part was long but more pictures in my mind than speech or action.