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dream: 7/27/93

Posted in Short Stories, Writing on July 27th, 1993 by (contact)

Last night I had a dream –
Tina, Bill, Jess, Joe, Cara, mom and I we all in this subway with bleacher seats, dark and misty. Bill, Tina and I are all talking then Tina stood up and started preaching about something (I don’t know what) Bill and I were vandalizing things while she spoke. She got off the train to get to our destination faster. Our train got delayed and my mom said, “You think we’re going slow it will take Tina forever to get there. If she was in a bad mood before you just wait.” I said, “well she was in a good mood before she got off.” Now Bill, Mark and I got off the train and went into Jamesway but then I think Mark turned into Simon and Bill turned into someone I don’t know. We were playing hide and go seek. I started to chase them and my shoes fell off. They were Addidas. Bill or Simon got caught and the guy lifted who ever it was into the air by their belt. They tried to run away but he did it again. The other one got away. I started to walk back to my Addidas and the same guy that stopped them stopped me. I got the people away from my shoes and put them on. The guy said something then a girl came towards me I think it was Tina in another body. She said she worked for the enemy but I didn’t know who they were. After this person said this some cheesy music played out the scene and it was if a TV audience was watching us and they sighed depressively. The scene faded to my mom’s old apartment in Atlantic City all of the original people were back but Tina now had a friend with her. Tina and I went into my mom’s room which was actually my mom’s old room in Ventnor. I put on a CD and were just kissing etc. NO SEX occurred. I got up and then asked my mom if I could be in, “to listen to music” she hesitatingly said sure. Tina and I continued etc. Then I gotup and went to the kitchen (the one in my mom’s new house while still in the little Atlantic City apartment) to help Tom McDounagh make hot tea. It didn’t work because it kept spilling then he wanted something to eat but neither worked out so he gave me the food and tea. I consumed them and he left. Tina came down the stairs (the scene changed to my ma’s new house) half dressed but no one cared. My sister was leaving to go home and I was shocked so I gave her a hug but she was cold about it and shrugged me off. I was in the kitchen so Tina came in and started to tickle me. Then mymother announced she was leaving and taking Bill and Tina’s friend home. I asked if Tina could stay, “Yes.” They left and she said, “Well I’ve got to leave in 10 minutes.” So we walked down some road by a fence and railroad tracks (**in retrospect this must have been in Landing**) Something happened and she jumped on my back for a piggy back ride. Suddenly it became dark and it started to rain. It was silent for a bit then she said, “I’m afraid.”
“Of what?”
“My childhood.”
“It ending?”
She left and I woke up