dream: 6/6/93

I had a dream last night that I thought was dumb and unimportant but I’ve changed my mind. Anyway I was a pilot and we slept in a room full of dirt (it was very dark in there). We flew our first mission we were briefed in my science room G162 I think it was just a practice. Deb, Chris, Brian Keische and a few other people. I went flying and felt great. I had to help Deb hobble to the briefing room. Anyway the room was bright and the sky was dark. We came back down and went to bed I went to sleep by Deb and Kerri was relatively close. I went to sleep and awoke to see Kerri staring at me (this is something which occurs in reality often going either way) I might have said Hi? Anyway I again helped Deb walk down to 162. The instructor told us that now we’d be killing people I didn’t think he was supposed to but I supposed he let it slip to make us feel guilty. I wrote Chris a note telling him that. He made a plane out of it and threw it. It went by Keishe, caught a draft, made a u-turn and went outside. I was like wow neat and the instructor got pissed. We went flying and I was scared and it was dark again then I woke up.

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