dream: 5/22/93

Last night I had a dream (actually today-night):
Mom, Joe, Jess and I were driving on the back steets of Atlantic City. This guy w/blonde hair and a blonde moustache was beating on his dog. (The dog had a huge boner + every time the guy would try to hit the dog it grabbed it’s dick and stood on 3 legs. Oh yeah and the paw turned into a hand) The guy was hitting the dog w/a batand most of the time the dog dodged the bat. Anyway we saw this and I asked mom if we could hit the guy and she said, “sure!” We swereved at him but missed he flipped and jumped onto the back of the car (I was eating blue cotton candy) also jess and I were in the back and then he jumped on and we were in the front anyway I said, “You bastard!”. (This was after he had swung at the front windshield and cracked the window) So I took a swing at him but I missed and he swang w/his bat. We drove around w/him on and his mut trying to run w/him. After he fell off the dog changed from a doberman to a big curly dog and I think that we were home or something I woke up at 3 o’clock after this and went back to sleep

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