dream: early ’93

I was talking with Ian Cole on the phone and Lisa Jones was outside putting things in a white station wagon and looking at me then I mentioned Gershon and she said Gershon and Ian were a scum bags. I didn’t take it harshly and continued then something happened and she came in and was trying to take somethings away from me and started to rassle with me we were rolling on the floor and she was laughing I believe. Then I called Bill Meredith and Lisa Jones turned into Lisa Meredith and I was walking downstairs with a salad in my hand. Downstairs it was dark and depressing. I was dressed in my huge blue shirt and green pants slackin hard. I saw my mother and stepfather. I told my mom that my father told me I was getting worse or something like that. (Lisa Meredith turned into Cara). Cara told me to stand up because the dressing was coming off the plate. I stood up and she said something. Then suddenly the dream jumps to a guy talking about violence in football and how 3 families rated the violence. The first two families rated football violence 1st. But the 3rd family (named Davis) rated it 3rd then I think I woke up.

Someone looked at me and shook their head now I’m depressed or angry or something I’m not sure

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