dream: ’92 or ’93

Last night I had a dream – I was at school, I fought with Mrs. Schneider (art) and Lutz (history) enough to get me in the office I think. After the day was over I think I may have done something clutzy or asinine pissed many people off and I don’t know why. I don’t know what I did but I wound up missing my bus. I walked outside (I was supposed to hang out that night with Viv, Francine and Deb) and walked down the handicap thing at the main lobby. Stolarz was there and tripped me. I don’t think he did anything but Ian was standing next to me screaming, “You’re a fucking clutz. Why the fuck did you did? You’re such an asshole!” I threw Stolarz off and he disappeared. Then Ian came after me but I kicked his ass. (I later found out he let me). After that anybody that was outside started with me even girls. I remember this one pretty well. She had docs, brown hair and a white t-shirt (I think it might have been a scruffy Amy King). Anyway I was winning for a little bit but then Stolarz got me down again and the chick, Ian and everyone else wearing docs were kicking me. There were about 20 other people wailing on me, metalheads and alternative kids. I eventually got out of it and slowly but surely beat everyone’s ass in. After that I walked upstairs into the hall above EHall and talked to Viv, Francine, Deb and Keith. Keith was bitching that it was so late and he couldn’t go out. Someone told me Ian couldn’t fight me because he couldn’t and I don’t know why. On my way I walked by Jim I fake punched him – my arm cracked and he gave me a sarcastic smile. Asshole.

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